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East End Trivia Night: Questions & Answers

These are the questions that were asked during the East End Trivia Night at the Jamesport Meeting House on July 13, 2017

Which hurricane passed across LI in 1960?

The tallest natural point on LI is Jayne’s Hill, near Melville. What is its elevation?
400 feet

Lake Success in Nassau County, Lake Ronkonkoma in Suffolk, Sears and Bellows Ponds in Flanders and Laural Lake on the North Fork are all examples of what specific type of bodies of water associated with glaciation?
Kettle Holes/Kettle Lakes

Robins Island oysters were featured on the menus of many NYC hotel restaurants in the early 20th century, including the Plaza and the Waldorf Astoria. The “Robins Island” trademark is currently owned by which North Fork company?
Braun’s Seafood

The likely-to-be-named Mario Cuomo bridge – the one that will be replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge – has gone up with remarkable rapidity over the past few years. How long did it take to build the Brooklyn Bridge, which linked Manhattan Island with Long Island?
14 years

Construction started on this roadway in the 1940’s and the final 2-mile stretch was completed in 1972. What was the total cost for construction of the Long Island Expressway?
$280 million

How many stations are on the LIRR?

Where on LI did the Battle of Long Island occur on August 27, 1776 – the first major battle of the Revolutionary War to take place after the Declaration of Independence had been signed nearly two months earlier?
Brooklyn Heights

Roosevelt Field had a place in history long before its transformation to a commercial mecca shopping mall. Who famously took off from Roosevelt Field on May 20, 1927?
Charles Lindbergh

Which are the two “terminal moraines” on LI, left behind by the
last retreating glaciers more than 10,000 years ago?
Ronkonkoma and Harbor Hill

Camp Wikoff in Montauk was named in honor of Charles Augustus Wikoff, the most senior ranking American Officer killed in the Spanish-American War. (He was shot in the charge up San Juan hill.) Who famously was quarantined there at the conclusion of the Spanish-American war, along with 29,000 soldiers, to prevent the spread of yellow fever?
Theodore Roosevelt

In 1957, young Benny Hooper in Manorville made the national news. Why?
He was recsued after he fell down a twenty foot well (The Miracle of Manorville)

Camp Siegfried – where, until it was shut down when Germany declared war on the USA in 1941, Nazi ideology was celebrated along with German culture – was located where?
Nikola Tesla, whose laboratory in Shoreham is still standing, was famous for his work with which sort of current?

To where did most LI residents flee after the British threatened occupation?

He was born in 1645 in Scotland, and was a famous British Privateer turned pirate. He also figures in local lore. Who was he?
Captain Kidd

What is the Culper Ring?
the network of spies and informants in British-occupied New York

Slavery was outlawed in NYS in which year?

Name the slave ship that in 1839 was taken over by its captives and eventually captured off the coast near Montauk. The African captives were put on trial and eventually freed in 1841.

According to the Census Bureau, the combined population of Riverhead and Southold Towns as of July 1, 2016, is – rounded to the nearest thousand –

The “Summer White House” of President Theodore Roosevelt (26th president), in Oyster Bay, is called _____?
Sagamore Hill

The modern era of viticulture on LI was started by the Hargraves when they purchased land to plant vines in which year?

In the NOAA nautical charts, the North Fork is touched by eight named bays of water. Name any five of them.
Flanders, Little Peconic, Great Peconic, Hogs Neck, Southold, Hallock, Little, Gardiners

On which North Fork beach is the DEC’s annual horseshoe crab monitoring survey conducted?
South Harbor Beach

Can you name any three of the five bars that were in operation in South Jamesport in the 1960’s?
Nick Schouts, Ma Kirk’s Fishing Station, The Palonia, The Cameo, The Bay View

In what year was the LIRR completed to Greenport?

What is the population of LI as of latest census?
7.5 million

What caused the decimation of the scallop population of LI in the 1980’s, as well as losses of eelgrass and hard clams?
Brown tide (aureococcus anophagefferens)

LI – before the arrival of the Europeans – was called in an Algonquin language “the island that pays tribute”, presumably because the tribes here were weaker than those to the west, and so paid tribute to them. What is the Algonquin word for “the island that pays tribute”

What is the official name of the lighthouse commonly called Bug Light?
Long Beach Bar Light
What was the colonial era name for Main Road?
King’s Highway

Who was widely but erroneously thought to have laid out the first mile stones on the North Fork in the 1750’s?
Benjamin Franklin

What is the name of the newest NYS Park, which happens to be on the North Fork?
Hallock State Park Preserve

What was the name of the all-volunteer troupe of cavalrymen led by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish American War? This group spent time training in Montauk.
The Rough Riders

What local publication was founded just after the Civil War, in 1868, and so has provided uninterrupted service to Riverhead literate public for the past 149 years?
The News-Review

Diadromous fish migrate between salt and fresh water at various stages of their life cycle. Which species of diadromous fish makes an annual pilgrimage up the Peconic River in the thousands?

What world-renowned English author, radio and TV personality lived on Nassau Point in Cutchogue for over 50 years?
Alistair Cook

Where did Southold Town, Suffolk County, and New Suffolk acquire their names?
Southwold, Suffolk County, UK

Who might be considered Cutchogue’s most famous native son, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his musical compositions?
Douglas Moore

Where on the North Fork is the oldest English house (ca. 1649) in NY state and the finest example of First Period architecture in the U.S. located?
On the Cutchogue Village Green (though Southampton now claims the honor of having the oldest, since recent dating of The Old House has revealed that it is not as old as previously thought – though it is still the oldest on the North Fork!)

What famous singer/song writer had his boat custom built at Coecles Harbor shipyard on Shelter Island, owned property in East Marion, and is often seen in Greenport?
Billy Joel

One hundred years ago, in 1902, what was the approximate population of the Town of Riverhead?